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Compatible With You – Automation Technology That Fits

Whether mechanical engineer, designer, or technical operations manager, automation technology pros aren't looking for a large selection. In practice it is the one perfect solution that counts. Being able to offer this perfect solution for every automation task is the ambition of Helmholz: through clever products in line with market requirements and complicated, rapid, and effective logistics.      
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Helmholz Products

   TB20                                         PROFINET                             PROFIBUS                        REX 100
Distributed fieldbus I/O system
With the TB20 I/O system you generate efficient and functional added value for a variety of application areas
– irrespective of the fieldbus and proven in practice!

• Three-component module design
• Coded system
• A single order number for all three components
• Smart planning and configuration
• What we offer: real-time diagnosis
• Importing/exporting symbols
• Simulation (I/O check)
• Free product macros for electrical engineering software
• I/O modules powered directly, no power module required
• Power and isolation module for a new power supply section (segment)
• Separate power supply segments for the coupler and the I/O components
• Hot-plug capability
• Bus couplers
• Module granularity
• A small number of models – a lot of functionality
• Freely definable auxiliary contact (auxiliary terminal)
• Ideal handling, achieved with a compact design
• Front connector wiring
• Total Solution Concept
• Final bus cover

Three-component module design

TB20 I/O modules have three components: a separate front connector, an electronic module, and a base module. A locking mechanism ensures that all modules can be quickly mounted and securely attached on DIN rails while guaranteeing a reliable electrical connection. Likewise, all modules can be easily and quickly removed for maintenance and/or system expansions. Modules are delivered as complete assembled units (i.e., as a single assembly) and can be installed immediately.

This makes keeping expenisve special parts in stock obsolete.

Hot-swap capability

Individual modules can be replaced quickly and easily while the rest of the system keeps running. The hot-swap-compatible electronic module helps keep downtimes to a minimum.

Clear, unique labels

The system’s design ensures that each channel will be labeled clearly and uniquely, in a way that can be easily read during operation. This allows direct allocation of the terminal to the respective LED display. The labeling strips are suitable for laser printers.

Ideal handling, achieved with a compact design

The system’s ergonomic design makes it easy to handle. Moreover, the space-saving compact dimensions behind it do not take away from the system components’ heavy-duty sturdiness and reliable electrical contacts for industrial applications, which are further complemented by an IP20 protection rating. An optimal systems engineering breadth can be achieved through the use of modules with up to 16 digital or 8 analog channels and digital mix in/out modules.
PROFIBUS Connector
90° with diagnostic LEDs, EasyConnect®

The PROFIBUS connector 90° with diagnostic LEDs EasyConnect® features quick-connect technology, making stripping of the bus wires unnecessary. With the aid of a visual connection control, it is also possible to check that the PROFIBUS cable is correctly connected after it is mounted. For improved EMC compatibility, the housing of the plug is metalized. Using the PROFIBUS connector diagnosis, a PROFIBUS network can be established in which the user can at any time check the state of the bus system at a glance. The three built-in LEDs with the easily distinguished colors blue, green, and orange indicate the most important states of the PROFIBUS network at each station.

The state of the terminating resistor (orange), whether bus activity is present (green) and whether the addressed participant is participating in the bus traffic (blue) are displayed. In this way you can immediately recognize error states such as bus interrupts, missing or incorrectly connected terminating resistors, and malfunctioning or failed bus participants. The EasyConnect® connectors also work in the extended ambient temperature range of -25 °C to +85 °C*.

• 3 status LEDs to indicate “bus operation,” “participant is sending,” “terminating resistor inserted”
• Metalized housing
• No parts that can be lost
• Integrated switchable terminating resistor
• 90° cable outlet
• Quick-connect technology EasyConnect®
• Visual connection control
REX 100
REX 100, Ethernet Router

Ethernet participants, such as PLC control systems,  can be reached with the REX 100 industrial routers, irrespective of the manufacturer. The REX 100 routers are systematically designed to operate in conjunction with the myREX24 portal: All parameterization and remote maintenance is carried out on the portal. Data transmission takes place via an encrypted VPN tunnel on the basis of the secure OpenVPN protocol. With the digital inputs, alarms can be sent via the myREX24 V2 portal as SMS and e-mail. The USB host port present in all devices enables the connection of USB devices (e.g. programming port of a motor) via the remote maintenance tunnel (USB-over-IP).

• Secure OpenVPN remote maintenance access via myREX24 V2 portal
• Integrated 3 or 4-port LAN switch
• WAN, 3G, LTE or WiFi variants available
• Digital inputs for establishing a connection and issuing alarms
• Integrated firewall
• Space-saving compact size
• Supports all of the usual mobile communications standards and is downwards-compatible where network coverage isn’t present
• USB-over-IP
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