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Low-Budget Meets High-Quality

INSEVIS-customers have complete new chances to reach a sustainable advance for their products and to keep it for a long time. And all this by using existing programming tools with existing know-how by S7. INSEVIS-products offer a chance for technical overvalue and help to increase the independence of its users. This independence will be the difference, what makes you successfull and this for a long time. Every item is designed to be a serial part but adaptable to each single customers application.
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Insevis Products







S7-CPUs the long available heart of your solutions

All INSEVIS-S7-CPUs contain onboard Ethernet, Modbus, CAN, RS232 and RS485 and can be equipped optional with Profibus DP resp. Profinet IO Controller. To be programmed with S7 by SimaticManager or TIA-Portal from Siemens always. Free SFCs and SFBs are available to expand the fields of application without extra charge. INSEVIS owns the operating system and adapted it optimally to the hardware of the CPUs regarding the execution of your S7-program together with your visualization. This guarantees fast booting, low power consumption and a real availability a life time long. Perfect to service – you do not even need a PC for updating.

             CPU-V                                CPU-P                                CPU-T
A compact combination of S7-controller with a brilliant panel

Controlling, visualization and communication in a narrow spot. The most compact way to automatize – and with INSEVIS the most economic too. Metal front frames with protection class IP65 provide a high quality, S7-programming keep your know-how and do not touch your way of programming with SimaticManager or TIA-Portal from Siemens. Equipped with comprehensive communication channel like Ethernet, Modbus, CAN, RS232 and RS485 and optional Profibus DP resp. Profinet IO Controller. With onboard- and/or decentral periphery in fine grades. Open for external periphery devices ans closed for illegal copy actions. Labeled with customers logo to make INSEVIS- customers inexchangeable. From mid of 2016 all now in the new generation 2-design.

3,5″/5,7″ – CPU V/P                    7″/10,2″ – CPU P              
4,3,”/7″ – CPU T                       10,1″/15,6″ – CPU T
S7-PLCs for 35mm DIN-rail with onboard advantage

Programmable with S7-tools SimaticManager and TIA-Portal from Siemens and equipped with enough memory (512kB…1MB work- and 2…8MB load memory) as well as multiple communication interfaces as Ethernet (S7-communication, TCP, UDP), Modbus (TCP, RTU), CAN (CANopen and Layer2), RS232 and RS485 (free ASCII) and optional Profibus DP Master/Slave or Profinet IO Controller. This product line for DIN-rail mounting combines powerful S7-CPUs with onboard interfaces and modular periphery in a metal cover to be save against rough environment in a temperature range from -20…+60°C. It is possible to create a small I/O visualization with some texts by VisuStage in PC-monitor-format and display it remote on you PC – all free of cost.

CC300V/T                                 CC303V/T                     

             CC307V/T                                CC311V/T   
Brilliant panels with your logo with the 1st piece

Your visualization presents your product like a showcase. Impress your customer with fast switching pages by these high class panel from INSEVIS up to 15,6 inch. Create your visualization faster than your competitors, without limitation by tags and multiply your screens to any other size by our VisuStage. Every visualization of these panels can be controlled remote – free of cost. Metal front frames with protection class IP65 provide a high quality impression on the first view. Labeled with customers logo they make INSEVIS- customers inexchangeable. Special front plate constructions are no problem for the engineers of INSEVIS.

    3,5″-10,2″ – CPU V/P               4,3″- 15,6″ – CPU T                   
Easy to parameterize and with genial functionality

Even the simplest digital I/Os get an overvalue by INSEVIS. The digital DIO16 module e.g. can use its bits as in- or output – configured by the configuration software ConfigStage. This gives your application more flexibility. But the advantages for the analog modules are valuable too: Each module has its special functionality like the automatic regulation from 12 to 16bit resolution (incl. +-sign) or the selection of 2-, 3- or 4-wire connection technology including a range of sensors. All periphery modules can be placed directly in periphery slots of INSEVIS-(Panel-)PLCs with onboard slots or in decentral periphery stations – and these units are one of the easiest accessible decentral peripheries ever.

   Head stations                          Digital modules                  


         Analog modules                      Function modules                  

Easy solutions for complex applications – INSEVIS software

The easiest is the hardest. But we can claim, that INSEVIS-software tools are easy to understand and to use. With special functions to keep the overview, even if you are not programming every day. The visualization tool needs one PC-monitor only, the multiinstancable remote tool creates cost free master displays, the configurator is done mostly be drag´n drop and the service tool can download all into the devices and set the uncrackable know-how protection. And all these tools are smart and fast to install with nearly no hardware requirements in a few minutes. And always new innovative features like VNC-Server or online backup & restore without PC and always as free service.

     ConfigStage                                 VisuStage                 

       RemoteStage                             ServiceStage                 
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