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More flexibility and higher productivity for your machines.
With more than 25 years of Automation experience, SIGMATEK has an in-depth understanding of machine building sector and boasts an unserpassed level of know-how that that stretches multiple industries. Their fully integrated automation solution provides world class technology combined with ergonomic handling and engineering that dramatically redueses project engineering time and maximizes productivity.   
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Sigmatek Products

Control Systems
Full speed ahead

The core expertise of SIGMATEK is the fast and precise control and regulation of industrial machines and equipment. We provide the right control system for any application: high-performance and compact CPUs and industrial PCs for the DIN rail or control cabinet, as well as for simple applications, control panels that combine control, visualization and operation. All controls are compatible with one another and comply with OPC UA, so that they are ready for use in the digital factory.

CPU Modules
Powerful yet extremely Compact Controller.

Equipped with high-performance, low-loss processors, the robust DIN rail CPUs in S-DIAS format are the right choice for single and multi-CPU concepts. They can be used with simple, as well as complex and very fast control, regulation and motion tasks as a flexible system solution (bus speed – 100 Mbit/s).

Industrial PC
Well equipped for diverse control tasks

The IPCs from SIGMATEK combine new PC technology with industrial usability. They were designed for very high-performance machines. Robustness, reliability in 24/7 continuous operation and long-term availability speak for the use of SIGMATEK IPCs.

Control Panels
All-in-one: control and visualization

The control panels with integrated CPUs combine control, visualization and operating in one compact device. In addition to installable control panels, mobile control panels for use on-site are also available.

I/O Systems
For Various Requirements
The SIGMATEK I/O Systems open all possibilities – whether in the control cabinet or directly in the field. Both series, S-DIAS (IP20) and P-DIAS (IP67) have a very high package density, are simple to use and can be flexibly combined.

S-DIAS Safety
Fully integrated or stand-alone

Thin, flexible and cost-optimized – that is the S-DIAS Safety system. The modular Safety solution for the DIN rail consists of a Safety controller (SCP), which monitors or controls the application and the corresponding Safe I/O modules.

P-DIAS I/O System
IP-Rated I/O Solution for Harsh Enviroments

The P-DIAS modules expand the family of systems in the IP67-protected area and are optimized for use in harsh environmental conditions. Analog and digital data can be collected or distributed directly in the field.

Human-Machine Interfaces
Panels for any automation task

Whether for classic operating, modern visualization concepts or simple control tasks – with the HMIs from SIGMATEK, your machines cut a good figure in any situation. Our human-machine interfaces are compactly designed and fanless. You have the choice between panels with a processor and remote operating units without a processor (HMI-Link up to 100 m). Regardless of whether single- or multi-touch screens – we put the main focus on all our human-machine interfaces to ensure that you can work intuitively, quickly and safely. Our selection of HMIs include built-in units, panels for the carrier arm and mobile panels for use directly on-site. All HMIs equipped with a processor are fit for the Smart Factory (OPC UA communication).

Wide Variety
The large selection of HMIs ranges from 3.5 to 23.8-inch displays – in classic 4:3 or widescreen format. Numerous standard interfaces such as Ethernet, CAN, USB or HMI-Link ensure that communication with other automation components is flexible, fast and reliable.

For simple applications, the ETV control panels can also assume control tasks in addition to operating and visualization functions. These all-in-one panels are equipped with a VARAN interface.

Customer-specific panel configurations such as a special front foil and housing designs, or HMIs especially designed for the particular demands of the food and pharmaceutical industries are possible.
Flexible drive system with high dynamics

For any application: With an optimized and fully integrated drive concept, the efficiency of the machine – and the energy efficiency in particular – can be increased.
SIGMATEK provides you with a coordinated motion control system, in which drives, motors, gears and softwareinteract perfectly. They achieve highly dynamic, precise motion sequences – in real time and from one source. At the same time, our modular motion system provides you with complete freedom in designing your drive solution.

Servo Drives
Dynamic, flexible and safe drive systems

With the DIAS Drives from SIGMATEK, the right servo system is available for any motion application.
  • The modularly constructed DIAS Drive 100 series for 1-8 drives
  • The compact multi-axis drive system DIAS Drive 300 for up to 3 drives
  • The brand new compact drive amplifier DIAS Drive 1000 for 6 servo drives

Servo Motors
For highly dynamic applications

The use of synchronous servo motors increases the energy efficiency of your application. Through the low inertial torque, our brushless AC motors of the AKM series are highly dynamic and have very low cogging. That makes them the right choice for demanding motion applications.

Planetary Gears
Powerful yet extremely Compact Controller

With the compact, low-backlash planetary gears from the PEII series, you have a cost-efficient solution for applications in which particularly low backlash is required.
LASAL Engineering Tools
Comprehesive Solution for Control, HMI, Motion & Safety

LASAL combines object-oriented programming (IEC 61131-3 standard) with graphic representation and makes mechatronic engineering possible: Real machine components can be represented by software objects.
VARAN Ethernet
Real-time Ethernet

The compactly specified VARAN protocol requires only a few commands. Data exchange with clients is limited to read and write access, which keeps the software slim and implementation simple. The integration of VARAN into a control or peripheral device – as well as in small sensors/actuators – can be implemented in the form of VHDL code or in individual hardware components

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